Finishing Supplies

Metal Blocks

Metal Edger Blocks

AIT, SemiTech, Shuron and Coburn styles

Metal chucks available in standard, low and high base.




Features & Benefits

  • Low base blocks are less than 4-base front curve
  • High base blocks have an 11-14 base front curve


Part # Style Configuration Base Pkg. Qty.
1678-1/2A AIT 1/2 Eye Standard 1
1678A AIT Standard Standard 1
1682-1/2A AIT 1/2 Eye Low 1
1682A AIT Standard Low 1
1683-1/2A AIT 1/2 Eye High 1
1683A AIT Standard High 1
1678-1/2ST Semi-Tech 1/2 Eye Standard 1
1678ST Semi-Tech Standard Standard 1
1682-1/2ST Semi-Tech 1/2 Eye Low 1
1682ST Semi-Tech Standard Low 1
1683-1/2ST Semi-Tech 1/2 Eye High 1
1683ST Semi-Tech Standard High 1
1678S Shuron Standard Standard 50
1682S Shuron Standard Low 20
1683S Shuron Standard High 20
1678CO Coburn Standard Standard 50
1682CO Coburn Standard Low 20
1683CO Coburn Standard High 20

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